2014 Taking Flight

2015 Bodies: Being Human

Exploring the human body through interdisciplinary perspectives, including art, athletics and science.

Speakers: Cirque de Vol, Que Rico, Kyle Krieger, Ali Rudel, Ariana Page Russell, Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson, David Linden, Hans Florine, Jeff Powell, Kim Lan Grout, Madrid K. Danner-Smith, Naomi Roochnik, Omar Ali, Sarah McShane, Stephanie Guerrero, Stephanie Zerwas

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Before transferring to UNC-Chapel Hill, I was looking for a home. The first two years of my undergrad was spent navigating my way through university to university. At that point, I had run out of playing cards and needed to make a decision to stay or leave design school.

With a new university meant a new campus, and with a new campus meant a new crowd. One goal I had set was to surround myself with people who were motivated, passionate, and different from me. And that’s what led me to TEDx.

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1) My exposure to TEDx before joining 2) TEDx Student Speaker Competition 3) TEDxUNC 2015: Assembly Required 

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Its platform carves a path for thought-leaders to challenge the way we think and do.

Prior to moving to Chapel Hill, I attended a TEDxUNC student speaker event and conference. The passion could be felt in a TEDx room, all majors were treated equal, and no one individual looked the same. I was convinced that I needed to join.

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That Summer, I worked as as a multimedia member with three others. My contributions included photography and videography to cover and promote TEDx related events [salons, pop-ups, workshops] and headshots used as social media marketing tools. Projects that I led include:

  • A welcome back video made from clips of student experiences from the summer to kickstart the year for returning Tar Heels
  • A spoken word video written and performed by Kat Tan